Clickable USA Map with Puerto Rico for Interactive Website

How to make a clickable map of USA with Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico too. Well I am including Puerto Rico in the USA map as many corporates have branches located in Puerto Rico and many are developing corporate offices in the sunny and virgin environs of the Caribbean Island. You want to have a peek […]

Editable World PPTx Map

Well, the festivities and celebrations for the new year are over ultimately. So the first post of 2017 on Fully Editable Countries of the World PPTx Vector Freeform Map. The super cool features of this PPTx map bundle are:- Fully editable vector freeforms for each country and independent region of the world, do all the […]

Powerpoint Maps

The US Army Brigadier General H. R. McMaster may be averse to Powerpoint presentations as he famously declared “powerpoint makes us stupid”, but the larger part of corporate world, educationists, bankers, student community, graphic artists and so on have to use Presentations for whole gamut of reasons. The idea of a crisp presentation to bring […]

USA Editable PPT Map

This project I undertook when a client approached me for developing a USA map with its four census regions, further subdivided into nine regions, you can always find the details of these regions on US Census Regions. I did this project in Adobe Illustrator with Avenza MAPublisher plugin and supplied the maps to the client. There was […]