USA Editable PPT Map

This project I undertook when a client approached me for developing a USA map with its four census regions, further subdivided into nine regions, you can always find the details of these regions on US Census Regions. I did this project in Adobe Illustrator with Avenza MAPublisher plugin and supplied the maps to the client. There was a full map with four main regions and also a blown up map with both four and nine regions.

Then the client came up with another requirement that all these maps should be imported in Powerpoint presentation, but the rider was that it should not be an image. The requirement got me into a big fix and I tried everything but all the images that you could get into Powerpoint could not be converted to vector. Then while trying with Enhanced Meta Format or EMF file, I learnt that it can be easily converted to vector or freeforms. So I exported all the maps as EMF files and then imported into individual slides. The freeform slides are in the gallery below:-

Then I realised that there was no requirement to do the maps in Illustrator as once the basic USA States map is imported as freeform vector all the states are individual freeform vectors which can be manipulated separately. The ease with which these freeforms can be styled can be utilised as an inexpensive Geospatial workflow to create thematic maps. You can see more of it on my website page Freeform Advantage in Powerpoint.

If you think you could use the USA freeform fully editable map, just review the same on Gumroad USA Freeform 50 States Powerpoint Map.


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